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Welcome to Bright Moments Cheer!Here you will find details about how I can help you reach peace of mind, contentment, and enthusiasmWe start where you are and build an inner and outer life that you can love

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We are just getting started here...For now we are offering two different options for working with G:Plan A:
A monthly subscription
What is included each month:1) Two one-on-one live video or phone sessions with G
(50 minutes each)
I listen to you, and together we explore, plan, and implement solutions for any problems you bring to the session. I cheer you on and encourage you. While we work, we are light-hearted and enjoy the process. It's all about the journey!
2) Four Loom Cheer Videos (1 each week). My Cheer Videos are custom-made for you and offer some good vibes and cheer for your week3) Access to texting with G during certain hours throughout the month. For encouragement and follow-up from our live sessionsSuggested Contribution: $100 per month

Plan B:
Individual 50-minute sessions a la carte
Suggested Contribution: $50 per session


G is a native of Washington, D.C. and graduated from Deep Springs College. He studied process-oriented psychology in Portland, Oregon and social work at UMBC. He now makes his home in Gaithersburg and likes meditating, walking, and simple, vegan-ish cooking. G also enjoys sitting with the Earth and listening to nature in his neighborhoodYou can see some of his other projects at EasyDoesitG.com


You can call me or send me an email to schedule your
free 15-minute consultation.
I look forward to connecting with you!

+1-202-374-8836g (at) easydoesitg.com

I live with fatigue that can slow me down.
This work is my passion, and it gets me going.
If I need to postpone an appointment,
you can be sure that I will be in touch with you,
and we will take care of both of our needs.
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